Musical Background already contains from 5 parts of a show. Our 5th show was recorded on 13th of May. Despite the situation in our country, we, Musical Backgrounds and Christian Channel group members, were passion about this 5th show to be interesting and pleasing for viewers.

Approximately for 1 month we were working on the text with Musical Background’s group members. Some of them were searching for the songs, some of them were translating the stories behind these songs. Finally, when text was ready and situation in our country was getting better, we planned show recording.

“Tbilisi Gospel Faith Church” let us have and use their library for recording. There we spread a green background and packaged all the needed equipment, then started recording with the one and only camera that our studio has.

Recording lasted almost four hours, because ministry doesn’t have studio teleprompters and a presenter has to learn the text by heart. Also, we are recording a show twice time, for the close-up shot and full shot, because ministry has only one camera. Finally, we recorded a show successfully, after this, some days were needed for editing, sound engineering and mixing.

On 18th of May, show was already uploaded on our “Christian Channel” web:

Many people were so happy and some were commenting that they were waiting for it.

In this show we discuss 4 Christian songs and we tell story about famous Christian band “Skillet”, also we discuss story about the most memorable and famous song of all times “Amazing Grace”. This story became very interesting and pleasing for listeners and viewers of the show.

Some were testifying that this show was a bit different and more inspiring, chosen songs and their stories gave hope to some people and made them strong in faith. It was incorrigible.

We are thankful first of all to God and then to those who put their whole heart in this show, enthusiastically.

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