COVID-19 The entire world is impacted by COVID-19, including Georgia, bringing new difficulties to our countries and people. We continued to work from the studio for the first two weeks of March, but as situation transitioned into a state of emergency, public transport was reduced and coworkers from nearby towns started to work from homes. To fight the pandemic, Georgia announced general quarantine and a nighttime curfew only permitting residents to leave the house for essential shopping and medical care.

To  seize the opportunity for unity, we created a prayer event on Facebook and called people to pray at certain times of day. Praying and trusting the Lord in such times is the first step that God requires from us.   Outside life is “paused”, internet use significantly increased, and we believe  this is an opportunity for us to work with hundredfold strength. Many are asking if this virus is the sign of the last times, they are afraid of Second Coming and this opens opportunities for us to share the Gospel.

We actively highlight Christian world news, our website and social media shares encouraging articles, Bible verses, stories of Christians helping others.  Repeatedly in the month of March our website has received the highest traffic rating of all religious websites in Georgia. In just 5 days, according to data from 15-19 March, we reached a half million people. This number shows that God has a plan to reach people’s hearts in time of crisis. Jesus is still calling us to follow Him in order to become people’s fishermen. For Georgian Christian Channel ministry, the “sea” is the virtual space where we “fish” people.