Charity work This February, leaders of Georgian Christian Channel and Superbook coordinator, Tamar Bagdavadze, kicked off community charity initiative.

We learned about a young mother, Jana, and her 13-year-old daughter Elene, who spent nights at internet-cafes during cold winter nights as they did not have money to cover rent and the owner did not let them back into the room they used to rent.

Our studio had some money saved for charity work which was enough to cover a month of rent and provide for essential produce and products.

We shared this need with our Facebook followers, and much to our surprise, in a short period of time we collected $600 with the help of our brothers and sisters.

We visited Jana and Elene twice, we brought material help and shared New Testament and told them about God’s love.

They expressed desire to attend church service, unfortunately our country is in the state of emergency and the services are live-streamed.

We are blessed to know that their rent is covered to end of June, they have essential products, produce, and a roof over their heads during this quarantine.  Georgian Christian Channel has set a dedicated fund for charity work and we are praying for God to lead us to another family in need.