What is Musical Background?

”Musical Background” is a show where we talk about Christian singers, song writers and worship songs.  In every show, we discuss the stories behind worship songs and why they were written, also it is important to mention that most of the hymns are written based on bible verses. Although, sometimes we change our format and we tell stories about famous Christian singers and bands. “Musical Background”  is popular in Georgian society, especially in youths. 

Reasons why the program

“Musical Background” is important

There are many reasons why the program “Musical Background” is important. You can read the 4 points that describe how the program responds to these challenges.

1. Christian songs are not widespread in Georgia and the youth mostly listen to secular songs. This show, first of all, does much to popularize Christian music. It talks about different genres of music and it is an effective means of sharing God’s Word with the people who love music.

2. Famous christian singers, songwriters and composers the world knows are lesser-known here in Georgia. This program presents those people to the Georgian audience. It talks about their testimonies, encourages and motivates people to listen to Christian songs that declare God’s glory.

3. Many different Christian songs are translated in to the Georgian language by the protestant churches of our country and sung by their choirs. But most of them do not know the Biblical verses and stories behind these songs, stories of personal experiences and personal relationships with God that inspirited Christian music. Musical Background talks about those songs too that are already translated into Georgian and are popular in protestant churches here. Thus, this program is of education character too and it spreads the knowledge about Christian music.

4. The only accepted form of singing Christian hymns is that which Georgian Christian Orthodox Church recognizes. Musical Background is the first program in the history of the country that talks more widely about Christian hymns and songs. The program presents different genres of Christian music such as gospel, Christian rock, worship and so on, thus opening the way for Georgian protestant singers who are very gifted and anointed in worshipping the Lord by using different genres of Christian music.


What People Said

“For the first time I thought it would be just a simple styled show about popular Christian songs and their place in Christian charts, but after first story I got interested in it and finally I realized that this is a great opportunity of preaching and talking about God. I started to listen those worship songs in a different way. After knowing their history, I got interested to think more about these songs and while worshiping God to really feel the meaning of the words that are given in a song.”
Tornike K.
Church Member
“I am very thankful for God and for all who took part in creating this show. It was really interesting for me as a worship group member and singer. This show reminded me that God is kind, lovely, faithful father for us. After watching first show, I am always looking forward to see other parts too.”
Rusudan I.
Church Member
I really like this show. It is very big blessing for Georgia. I am a worship team leader; I have written 43 worship songs for the glory of God. I really am a great fan of this show and believe that it can change many things in our society.
Nino G.
Church Member
“I have always wondered about worship songs that we were singing, by whom was them written what was the story behind them. Unfortunately, I don’t know English so I could not find any information in internet about it. After seeing this show, everything became clear for me and for everyone who is interested in historical background of the songs.”
Tako G.
Church Member

Needs of “Musical Background”

Human and Technical Resources

Despite the fact that several episodes of the program “Musical Background” were shot and the team is working on the next episode, the shooting process is pretty difficult because of the lack of human resources and technical equipment.

The program is shot with the only videocamera that the studio owns. This camera is used for shooting news, videos, sermons and that is why its resource is almost run out.

In addition, close-up shots and full shots are nessecary for shooting the program and it requires minimum two videocameras. Because the ministry has got only one videocamera, shooting one episode of the program takes twice as much time and energy.

The ministry does not have studio teleprompters for the presenter to read the text. That is why the presenter has to learn several pages of the text by heart and record it twice that is very labour-intensive. Because of the above-mentioned reasons shooting the 10-minute-length program takes hours.

Shooting the program is done in the library of Tbilisi Faith Gospel Church (Pentecostal church opens the library for the team to shoot the program). Because the ministry does not have the studio for shooting the program, the team has to take green screen, lights and all the equipment to the library and after finishing the work, take them back.

As for the human resource, the presenter of the program works half-time for Georgian Christian Channel and apart from Musical Background she works on translating Christian news; the cameraman and videographer works full-time for Georgian Christian Channel and he too has to do many other projects apart from the mentioned program.

The team of the program Musical Background consists of five volunteers who want to make their contribution in glorifying the Lord through this program.

Please pray for our needs and especially, for the equipment and if your heart is disposed to supporting us financially, see below the information about making donation.


Musical Background: needs of human resources and equipment


Mariam Gogichashvili is the program presenter. She works half-time for Georgian Christian Channel and apart from working on Musical Background, she translated Christian news for for Georgian Christian Channel website.


The videographer and cameraman of the program is Sandro Dumbadze who works full-time for the Channel and apart from working on the program, does much work of shooting videos and editing them.


Producer of the program is Guja Chachanidze who is the leader of Georgian Christian Channel and apart from Musical Background deals with organizational issues.


There are 8 people in the team 5 of whom are volunteers. They select christian songs, translate them, edit the texts and work together on the program.


Now we have only one camera that is old. besides it is used in different other projects. We need two Panasonic Lumix GH5 cameras for the shooting process to go smoothly.


We do not have studio teleprompters and because of that shooting programs is very difficult and labour-intensive process.


This program does not have its own budget and that is why we cannot advertise the program and reach many people. We also cannot print T-shirts with the program logo and other accessories.

Project Budget

PROGRAM PRESENTER ($200 / a month)
PRODUCER ($100 / a month)
TEAM OF THE PROGRAM ($400 / a month)
CAMERAS ($4000)
COMMERCIAL COSTS ($200 / a month)

Support Project "Musical Background"

Our goal is to utilize all of our resources for maximum impact to glorify God and build His kingdom. Thank you for your generous support of the mission of Georgian Christian Channel!

Musical Background (episode 4) [English subtitles]

In our 4th show, we changed the format and we added biography of the most famous christian singer and song writer – Lauren Daigle, and after this we talk about 4 worship songs, such as:

Influence Music & Michael Ketterer – Spirit Lead Me

Jeremy Camp – Christ In Me

Matt Redman – 10,000 Reasons

Casting Crowns – Nobody

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